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optimize's News

Posted by optimize - June 4th, 2016

Check out my new track "Backflip" on SoundCloud. make sure to like, repost and follow me if you enjoy.


i have been going on a sorta NG break recently but do not worry i will have tracks up here soon.

Also "Backflip" (https://soundcloud.com/mr-over9000/backflip) will be on NG by Night time so ya!!! Check it out guys​.

Posted by optimize - May 19th, 2016


so. i havent been uploading for a while because of one reason. i have been trying to make better music that is actually worth hearing. so yea. boom XD.



3rd place... .... .... . . .. . . . .. . ... AppleSnitch

2nd place.. . . .. . . . .. .. . . . .. . . User sigon

1st place.... .. . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. .  AntiTone (cuz someone wrote MLG next to his name on my list)

Thats that. special thnx to Enzo07 for being cool and AppleSnitch for helping with the judging.



I got serum so i reckon that basically says good music. thnx to the world. you can check out my first song with serum on my soundcloud. it will also be up here in a bit. and other songs comeing XD




Posted by optimize - May 10th, 2016

Now you cannot send in your creations.

Sorry to all of you who came to the contest but did not finish in time. i would still love to see your creations though :P

And thanks to everyone that sent in there creations on time. i can't wait to start judging.

Stay Tuned for the winner!


Posted by optimize - April 17th, 2016


Dear *who ever is reading this*,

So, I will be holding contest here on NewGrounds.

There will be 3 categorys, You have to either write a short story, create a picture, or create a piece of audio.

The rules:

For a story: it must be more than 500 words, and under 1000. other than that, write away. (Fan fictions will be disqualified, these must be written straight from your mind)

For a picture: It must use more than 5 colours, it must be rated Everybody or Teen. no pornographic material please, it'll be disqualified immediately.

For audio: the song must be over a minute. and it must be good quality, I don't want any of those songs which try to murder your ears.

There shall be a winner for each category. only a first place winner but I will name the top 2 runners up.

Prizes: for each winner i'll put a link on my Page to your: NG, SC, YT (or what ever account you want shouted out) also on my first song after the contest ends i will add a link to your accounts.

To enter: you must comment below saying you have. thank you.

Contest ends: 10/5/16 (In American time: 5/10/16) so that will be the last day to sumbit, and since i'm English we'll go by The Britsh time zone. I Trust you to google the differences in time.

Thanks, see you all soon.

EDIT: ok, so i realised that the may be a little crap xD sure you'll get a couple of extra views but thats not really that good! so! i have more prizes, as well as the prizes already listed, the winning audio will be featured on the record label, Ocular sounds, the winning artist will have their picture as background art for the song. and the winning author will also get another  link to any of their accounts (YT SC OR NG). this is all in addition to the original prizes.

So to conclude the prizes:

For authors: Links to their accounts on my First song after the contest and on the record labels production of the song.

For artists: Links to their accounts and their picture will be background art for the song on the record label.

For musicians: links to their accounts and their song will be put onto the ocular sounds record label.

in order to entice you i may point out that Ocular Sounds has 100+ subscribers, may not be THAT many, but most of these people are active, i do believe xD.



Fægere þancian, gea. Fægere þancian be gefea mīn hleoþors and ic
lufan se feormfultum be se fehtan (winnan). For-wel þancian.

Posted by optimize - February 20th, 2016

So i just realised that i have had a whole year of making music!

So this is really how the previos year went. xD



I started on the 3rd of January 2015.

I first got interested in producing when i saw a (now that i think about it) Rubbish tutorial, but without it i would not be here today.

I started by following the tutorial that showed the basic structure of Dubstep and How to use audacity.

I would Download little samples and loops and mash them together in audacity.

Previous to this, i had been downloading a lot of music of NG for my phone! and i still do! and that is how i knew about NG.

So i started posting songs on a really old account, (some of my older friends will know it).

Through my Family i found out there was a program that my older brothers used to play around with when they were little kids, it was called FL Studio, and hence i got FL studio. i did not know anything about. how do make sounds, how to do anything... and a little fact, i can't be bothered to watch tutorials, i will set out to watch one and after 2 mins i'll just move on xD I haver probably watched about 30 min of tutorial, thats all xD

A few months on, my music is still pretty crap, but i start to talk to other NG users i made about 2 friends (AntiTone (EnNinja at the time) and DJ Nitro) but moving on a few more months i got invited to be on the ocular sounds record label where I instantly made friends! (In fact it was DJ Nitro who asked me to join, so cheers mate).

Through them i started to learn a lot of stuff and with out them my music would be crapper than ever, so thanks to them too!

And after so many songs made, friends made, loops made, samples made, and a crap ton of other shiz made, here i am a whole year later, and i belive i'm well on my way to getting better!



Posted by optimize - January 30th, 2016

So, i'm gonna change my name! i'm gonna change it to: Dikó!

I have asked WadeFulp for a name change, but just incase that does not work i'm just gonna let you know! so yeh! here it is!





Posted by optimize - November 23rd, 2015



Posted by optimize - November 23rd, 2015

uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh wha...

So i spent about a week looking at where my family is from... i guess. sorta like im half Australian... but i wanted to know about the ones i did not know about, so i spent a long arse time looking through stuff, and i found out im from a range of different countrys, but... the three primary ones are:

England (im born here)


(you guys should guess this one, that makes it fun) Hint: its in Scandinavia!





Posted by optimize - October 31st, 2015

5347297_144632359342_Untitled.pngmy new EP "late at night" is almost out. it consists of a dubstep and a electro house track, since its a halloween ep the tracks will be call "trick" and "treat".



Posted by optimize - September 4th, 2015

so i decided to wipe most of my NG songs cuz i realised that they were not the best quality of music and i would much rather have good quality music evry once in a while then shitty ones every 2 mins

i only left zstep cuz it has 7000 veiws (thank you for that amazing turn out by the way)!

also every album / EP i have ever made, just wipe it from ur memorie