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It's Dikó. not optimize xDDD

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ATTENTION: I also helped with the creation of this contest.

Challenge accepted I'm in

Can't wait for your entry bro


(I'm in too)

glad to see that Mysterious!

i never participated in a contest but i started working on a nice song so i might as well enter.
can i do only 1 song? also, how do i submit? PM? mailbox? smoke signals?

you can do as many songs as you want mate. just when done, post here on NG or SC or YT then i'll keep a list of the links, come due date i'll judge

so that means, if i finish the song tomorrow, i can post it on my account and then link it here? did i get this correct?
sorry 1st time :---(

yes, just link it to me how you will and i'll add it to my link collection! xD

Where do you want us to submit the tracks?

where you want, imma keep a list of links then look at em all and judge! if that makes sense, so poot em where you will then pm em to me. xD

I'm in, but I guess winning audio submissions should be more genre specific(If that makes sense)..
If two people uploaded songs(equally good) of different genres, then concluding only one winner wouldn't be good...

yes, I understand your point! but in all honesty I just want to hear some good music, I will try not to be bias! this is more of a quality contest than my opinion contest. xD if that makes sense

Im in bruh :P

Do I have to create a track specifically for this contest or can I choose one of my most recent submissions as an entry? If so, I'm in xd

that is absolutely fine, just make sure to link it to me! :P

Imma blast you guys' eardrums and win this. ;3; /)

that's the spirit!!!!!

Can I join dude? Chael notified me about this :)

that's fine by me dude! the more the merrier!

I'd like to be in on this. I've been working on a track, It's sort of like a remix but not really Lol
It's got some samples in it, So I don't know how that would work with being on a record label or posted somewhere with advertising. But I just want some sexposure and to make good music in the end lol

lol sexposure!

well firstly, if it's not too much hassle, try checking if the samples are royalty free, if so we can put it on the label. if not then we wont be able to put it on there.

still, add a submission, I love how enthusiastic people are for this and even if we can't post it it'll still be fun listening to it, so yeah, post a submission

I'm in but when I'm done where should i send it to?

yes please, either comment it on the news post, the forum page or PM me


You have awakened me...


Errr i could just damn contact Alex to feature a song of mine xD But yeah,maybe i'll join

XD You could do that but where the fun in that?

Bro, you got like everyone to join.....
Y u so famous.

I don't even know

Question: If I were to win (doubtfully) and the song went on the label, no copyright would be instituted on my song right?

um I don't entirely understand, but no, no we would do anything to do with copyright. but say if you song had copyright samples we would turn to you to settle the matter.

*releases remix may 10th at midnight British time*

No, that is when the winners are chosen, I cannot give an exact date as to when the winners song'll be uploaded


Très bien Mon Ami. Je ne peux pas attendre.

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